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Johann Willick Family

Johann Willick was the second son of Nicholus and Anna Marie Willig.  Johann's first marriage was to Maria Anna (Kritz?), of the Plyley family. The Plyley's settled in Canada near and around the same time as the Willick family . They were from Wertemberg and were Evangelical Associated Methodists. 
Johann's son John was known as "Charcoal John", as he ran a charcoal business. Grandson John Jacob was known as "Harness John", as he had a harness-making business.
Johann's second marriage was to Mary Scheider, who was Roman Catholic and was born in France in 1824 and died in 1881 at 56 years of age).
Johann and his family lived in a brick 1 1/2 storey house on Sodom Road. Johann died on the 11th of October 1882 and is buried with his wife Mary in St. Joseph's Cemetery, New Germany (present day Snyder) Ontario.
Johann's children were:
    (w. Maria Anna)
    John (b. 1840 - d. 1885)
        married    Barbara Bauer (b. 1849 - d. 1885)
        children    Michael (m. Jacobina Ertman) 
                          John (died at 1 years old)
                          John Jacob (m. Elizabeth Seifert)
                          Mary Matilda (m. Henry Vicard)
                          Francis (m. Rose Schnetzer)
                          George (m. Annie King)
                          August "Gus"
                          Barbara Magdalene (m. William Fuerth)
                          Elizabeth Ann
                          Nicholas (m. Nellie McClockey) 
    (w. Mary)
    Mary Ann (b. 1844 - d. 1905)
        married    Joseph Myer (b. 1838 - d. 1887)
        children    Elizabeth (m. Frank Hartl)
                           Joseph (m. Bertha Beck)
                           John (m. Alexia Hurst)
                           Henry Joseph (died at 3 years old)
                           Henry Francis (m. Mary Anna "Mae" Blundy)
                           Maria Anna (m. William Ingram)
                           William (m. Ida Weaver)
                           Nicholas (m. Belle ?)
                           Jacob (m. Julia Seifert)
                           Theresa (m. James Francis Rooney, m. George Thomas Murnan)
                           Barbara (m. Aaron Weaver)
    Nicholas (b. 1846 - d. 1876)
        married    Lenore Trendle (b.1845 - d. 1892)
        children    Maria (m. John Schihl)
                           Jacob (m. Mary Barbara Bauer)
                           William N. (m. Lizzie Schihl)
    Elizabeth (b. 1848 - d. 1920)
        married     John Trendle (b. 1840 - d. 1919)
        children    Joseph (m. Anna Voisin)
                          Mary (m. Frank Critz)
                          Elizabeth (m. Dominic Kauffman)
    Barbara (b. 1849 - d. ?)
        married     Andrew Trendle 
        children    William (died at 3 years old)
                           Nina "Minnie" (m. Frank Carl)
    Catherine (b. 1851 - d. 1889)
        married    Nick Blundy (b. 1852 - d. 1901)
        children    Clara
    Jacob (b. 1852 - d. 1920)
        married    Magdelene Koabel (b. 1851 - d. 1908)
        children    Andrew (m. Rose Freidman)
                           Jacob (m. Clara Koabel)
                           Benjamin (m. Theresa Moran)
                           Phillip (m. Josephina Carson, m. Mary May Koabel)
                           Celia (m. Fred Schneider)
                           Matilda (m. John L. Schneider)
        married    Barbara Ruth Morningstar
    Joseph (b. 1854 - d. 1909)
        married    Anna Schihl (b. 1861 - d. 1949)
        children    John (m. Jennie M. Nigh, m. Catherine Woisin)
                           Anna (m. William Somerville)
                           Barbara (m. Maurice Roach)
                           Julie (m. Herbert Sibbert, m. Williams Doyle)
                           Christina (m. Henry Durliat)
                           Theresa "Tess" (m. Charles Morettie)
                           William (m. Irene Henderson)
                           Josephine (m. Harry Somerville)
                           Charles (m. Hazel Hutchins)
    Peter (b. 1855 - d. 1939)
        married    Mary Ann Koabel (b. 1858 - d. 1937)
        children    Mary (m. Jacob Brunning)
                           Peter (m. Louise Schneider)
                           Martin (m. Clara Scheider)
                           Henry (m. Elizabeth Schneider, m. Ruth Stewart)
                           Lewis (m. Regina Schihl)
                           Aloysius (m. Laura Denzer) 
                           Frances (m. Clarence Somerville)
    Benjamin (b. 1859 - d. 1929)
        married    Magdalina Schihl (d. 1907)
        children    Charles (m. Anna Lambert)
                           Emma (m. Jess Beckman)
                           Bertha (m. Harry C. Roth)
                           Arthur (m. Myrtle Johnson)
                           Laurene (m. George Henry Senecal)
                           Clarence (m. Hazel Bearss)
    Frederick (b. 1860 - d. ?)
    George (b. 1852 - d. ? young)
    Henry (b. 1863 - d. 1864)
    Henry (b. 1865 - d. 1940)
       married     Mary E. Weaver (b. 1863 - d. 1918)
       children     Frederick (m. Lina Webb)
                           Clara E. (m. James Hyland)
                           George E. (m. Agnes Swinton)
                           Arthur (m. Vera Miller)
                           Alma Josephina
                           Clarence (m. Edith Watts)
                           Norman Roy
                           Dorothy Mary (m. Bert Ort)
                           Henry Edwin "Harry"
                           Caroline Edna "Carry"
                           Wilfred (m. Vera Greenwood)
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